The new earth screw of SFB ! Schraubfundament mit Durchmesser 89mm, ideal für Verkehrszeichen Schraubfundamente der Serie E, Durchmesser 140mm Bohrfundamente VS Schraubfundamente SFB G4 114x3x1000 SFB PV 76x2.5x1500 - 19.00 Euro per piece Netto; for orders over 200 pieces SFB - Sortiment U - Serie / M - Serie / G - Serie Schraubfundament G4 800mm - Die Lösung für Ihre Gartenmöbel. Schraubfundamente Bulgarien GmbH - europäische Qualität für niedrige Preise Wir arbeiten mit allen Versandunternehmen und Spiditeuren. Versand in alle Länder ist möglich. SFB - Schraubfundamente bis 2m SFB - Bohrfundamente mit Länge von 800mm bis 1600mm

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Earth Anchors Bulgaria LTD is a producer of elements for none-concrete foundation, situated in Dobrich.

Our products – earth screws and helix anchors can be applied widely - from public umbrella stands to massive structures and photovoltaic fields. What unites them of course is the fact that we offer non-concrete founding systems. From environmental point of view it absolutely ensures full recultivation of the soil.



Driven by our own needs we mastered the production of earth anchors, but noticing the rising interest from companies involved in the installation of photovoltaic fields, we decided to establish "Earth anchors Bulgaria" following our goal to further develop these systems and to answer the market's needs.




Of course, we leaned on the experience of the world's leading companies but also we were flexible enough to improve and develop a design for our own product for the needs of our german partners. Our earth screw is the sole product on the market produced from an extremely strong spiral - 12mm wide and 3 mm thick. Also we were the first to design and create openings for condense flow which are not blocked with soil by the installation.


Of course our products are hot galvanized (DIN EN ISO 1461).